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Weekly News Round-Up for February 1st
posted by: Melissa | February 01, 2019, 07:06 PM   

Each week, KANAAE brings its members a round-up of what’s happening in education. From big, eye-catching headlines to the stories most papers overlook, we find the news our members really want to see. This week, West Virginia stirs controversy, teacher unrest, a polar vortex, and more!

West Virginia’s Controversial Education Bill: With the West Virginia teacher strike still in memory, the state’s legislature is preparing to vote on a bill that once again angers teachers’ unions. The highly controversial education reform gives teachers the pay raise that they fought for, but they are unhappy because it also funds charter schools. It also requires annual approval by teachers for how much they’re charged in union dues. Both measures would weaken the hold that the teachers’ union has in that state over education policy causing the union to threaten action and some politicians to distance themselves from it.

Teacher Unrest Continuing: Virginia is the latest state to be home to a massive teacher protest. As teacher unrest continues across the country, many are giving the movement a closer look. The strike have undoubtedly been successful with some states seeking to give teachers raises proactively. Some point to a shift in messaging from pay to a focus on the public good for one reason that unions are able to get support. Others question the movement’s true motives and point to continuing opposition to charters on the unions’ part.

Polar Vortex Leads to School Cancellations: As record breaking cold settled in across the country, schools fearing for student safety shut their doors. While some viewed the move as wimpy, most celebrated the decision. When informing families, a school in Michigan created a music video while another used a hot dog to make its announcement. Although viewed as necessary, the decisions do have consequences with schools in some states running short on winter weather days to use the rest of the year.

Happening Elsewhere:

Koch group touts education push on curriculum, technology

After thousands rally for charter schools, LAUSD board votes for a moratorium

Freight train slams into school bus, killing student, 13, and injuring two others

Trump calls Bible literacy classes in schools 'great'

Governor’s $20 million Alaska education cut may be illegal, state senator says

Sex education: Colorado bill would ban abstinence-only approach

SC teachers frustrated by push to fix K-12 schools without their ideas

Denver teachers union walks out of negotiations with DPS, calls latest offer “a small IOU”

Alleged strip search of 4 black middle school girls prompts third-party investigation

Tighter Home-School Bonds Improve Students' Social and Emotional Skills (as Well as Academics)

TEACH Grant Recipients With Loan Debt May Soon Hear From the Ed. Department

At Pivotal Moment, Nevada State Education Chief, Deputies Resign

Louisiana Educators Say It Loud and Clear: School Discipline Isn't Working

Education Department aims to cut wait time for teacher certification

Riley proposes novel solution to charter school battle

Education Savings Account bill fails in ND

Gov. Ron DeSantis seeks to ditch Common Core, find new academic standards for public schools

Vermont discriminates against students of religious high schools, lawsuit claims

NC Senate rolls out school construction plan

Illinois Education Committee votes to reinstate classroom time mandate

What’s going on where you are?

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