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The Association of American Educators (AAE) is the largest national nonunion professional teachers association, advancing the profession through teacher advocacy and professional development, as well as promoting excellence in education, so that our members receive the respect, recognition and reward they deserve.

  • Silicon Valley Design Infuses Classrooms

    EdSource is reporting on how schools in Silicon Valley are working to transform classroom environments to reflect the office spaces often found in leading tech companies.

  • Digital Learning Day is Feb. 23. Here’s How to Celebrate

    Digital technology is helping educators re-conceive teaching and learning in new and intriguing ways, and schools around the world are experiencing a transformation with technology’s use in the classroom.

  • Best New Children’s Books for World Read Aloud Day!

    Today is World Read Aloud Day.  It’s the perfect day to gather your students around you and share the wonders of spoken language.  While there are many, many classics that are perfect for this occasion, here are some books published in the past year that we think are worth your consideration.

  • Celebrating National School Counseling Week!

    This week marks National School Counseling Week.  AAE could say many things about the wonderful educators that choose to enter into school counseling, but this blog, originally posted  by Annie O' Brien on Edutopia, does so wonderfully. 

  • Five Alternative Certification Courses to Keep an Eye On

    Although alternative certification programs for teachers can often be controversial, when done right, they can actually produce stronger teachers than traditional four year programs.

  • AAE Signs on to Statement in Support of Quality Teachers

    Although everything is up for debate in the world of education, one thing that is crystal clear is the effect of good teachers on student achievement.  The science remains consistent: quality teachers have the biggest effect on student learning.

  • Students Use Architecture to Learn Geometry

    Thanks to a grant from the Newton Education Foundation (NEF), 56 fourth and fifth graders from Middle Ridge Elementary School (MRES) have the opportunity to work in an innovative project to build a model city. Part of the project included a trip to an architectural firm in Atlanta.

  • Welcome to National School Choice Week 2017!

    National School Choice Week is here!  AAE will be celebrating with teachers across the country this week. Amazingly, 6.4 million Americans will be participating in 21,392 total events.

  • Raising the Standards in History Education


    For decades, historical literacy in the United States has been on the decline, a result of nearly a century of de-emphasizing the teaching of history in US schools. Starting with the combining of history and several other subjects into the "social studies," it eventually led to lowering the number of required classes and the waning of how important the subject has been perceived. It has continued up through the modern era. Social studies was one of the few non-tested subjects in the No Child Left Behind bill, and as a consequence had less class time devoted to it. In recent years, as efforts were made to unify standards in other subjects, social studies instead received a 'framework,' and there was no significant effort made by states to adopt it.